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Christmas Antics in Dublin

January is upon us again. The last time I checked it was early November and I was preparing to move to Dublin for six weeks. The reason for the trip was to take part in the Dublin at Christmas Market in St. Stephens Green and the National Craft & Design Fair in the RDS.

My move to Dublin entailed me working for 40 days at the Dublin Christmas Market (apart from one day off due to the water protest – thank you disgruntled people). I also nipped away from the Christmas Market to work at the Craft Fair for 5 days (thank you dad). On top of that, I made it my business to rendezvous at some great Dublin restaurants and pubs (thank you kind friends)!.

I survived the forty days and met some fabulous people along the way. My favourite couple came up to me at my Craft fair stand and after a bit of a chat asked if they could buy me a coffee. I did the Irish on it and said I was grand. Off they went and came back with a lovely latte after queueing for twenty minutes. They then would not take any money (or a free mug, barter is becoming commonplace these days). Emotional stuff for me especially with afew late nighters under my belt. My most overused quote over the couple of weeks was ‘some people are just so nice!’.

Without getting gushy, I am very grateful – for my lodgings with Therese, Simon, Páraic and Caoimhe; all my helpers; my blow heater; caffeine and sugar; my daily Wok ‘n’ Roll feast and of course my lovely customers for parting with their hard earned cash. Happy 2015 everyone!.



Vintage Cocktail Club, Crown Alley, Temple Bar


Super Miss Sue, Luna Loos



Toners Pub, Baggot Street Lower


Caoimhes Christmas Tree at my Dublin Residence


Check us out in the Dublin at Christmas Market Video (minute 1.05).