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In Sealed with Irish Love’s recent Irish Tatler feature, I mentioned that my favourite interior finds were four paintings which I picked up in a second-hand ‘Troc’ furniture warehouse in the north of France. So here they are in all their glory. I have to admit they look better on the wall then cut out in a wayward fashion on Photoshop!. 

One winter a few years ago, I decided I needed a break from London (mainly the tube) and took a notion to go to France to look at some old furniture.

I flew into Dinard and stayed in this beautiful spot for two nights (a few scenes from the movie ‘One Day’ were filmed there). While there, I walked the winding waterfront pathway in the drizzle and ate one of my best French meals in Bistro Resto Oliver. From Dinard, I drove to the Troc warehouses in Saint-Malo, Lannion and Rennes where I was not disappointed by the array of affordable old French furniture and accessories. My only purchases were my four paintings which cost in total €240, but I returned to the city refreshed and ready to take on the Northern Line again.

Since my trip, I am delighted that ‘The Gaiety Antique and Vintage Store‘ in both Westport and Galway are stocking lots of great French, Irish and other European furniture and treasures at reasonable prices. I also like to take a look on the website to check out upcoming Irish fairs being held in my vicinity and go for a browse every now and again. The dust is firmly settled on my Miller’s Antiques Handbook and Price Guide and my browsing mainly entails me looking for a bargain or admiring the pieces that look pretty!.


Sealed with Irish Love on shopping trip to France

Dinard, France


Location of Troc Warehouses

Location of Troc Warehouses, France


The Gaiety Irish Shop in Galway and Westport

The Gaiety, Galway


Irish shop stocking Irish, French and european furniture

The Gaiety, Galway

Images of The Gaiety taken from their facebook page.