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The Changing Face of Galway

Last Friday, I set off in my car to get in touch with some new stockists in Galway. I love these trips as I get to cover alot of ground in one day and visit towns which can be a little off the beaten track. Like most counties in Ireland, the variation in the landscape is what makes them so interesting but none more so than in Galway. I firstly drove from Clare to Connemara in the west of the county and ended my journey driving to my mother’s hometown of Milltown in the East. There I settled in for the night to be spoilt by my two lovely Aunts. Along the route, the rugged, wild coastline in Connemara soon changed to flat, green fields and stone walls. The sheep started to scrub up a little better along the way aswell. The main common denominator between East and West were the windswept hawthorn trees!. Roll on my trip to the Kingdom later this week.

Sheep in Connemara Ireland

Connemara, West Galway

Donkey in Connemara, Ireland

Connemara, West Galway


Sheep and windswept hawthorn trees in Galway

Outside Dunmore, East Galway

Daffodils in Galway

Aunty Vera’s Daffodils, Milltown, East Galway


Irish countryside

Little cousin Noah, Milltown, East Galway