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Welcome to the Sealed with Irish Love blog. I’m Máire and I am loving living back in the west of Ireland after working in Edinburgh and London for a number of years. I will mainly be posting on here about new Sealed with Irish Love designs; products and general musings about my new venture. It would be great to keep me posted on your thoughts.

The Irish Fairy Tree

One of the hand drawn illustrations on the Sealed with Irish Love range is a windswept hawthorn tree. This can be seen in most counties in the west of Ireland. It is often called a fairy tree and considered bad luck to cut down. Cluricaunes (leprechauns), Púca’s (spirits/ghosts) and strange white-clad women are said to appear close to the trees  read-more >

Ladies in the Loop

I popped into one of my fabulous stockists, ‘Kilbaha Gallery & Crafts’ in Loop Head, West Clare last weekend. This is the very last village on the Loop Head Peninsula but worth the drive. It was great to finally meet Liz and Ailish who were showing off their new coffee space at the back of the gallery & craft shop.  read-more >

Irish Corporate & Employee Gifts

We have recently updated our website with a new Irish Corporate Gifts Page. There has been a lot of interest from Irish companies in using our products in welcoming packs at conferences; as gifts for overseas visitors; or for sending to business contacts overseas. They are also very popular as employee gifts as they are designed and made in Ireland  read-more >

Driving Miss Crazy

We recently hit the road to Limerick, Kerry, Cork and Waterford to pop into my stockists and managed to get lucky with three glorious sunny days (which obvs includes a bit of drizzle). On this occasion, I had a patient chauffeur so I was the niggling passenger seat driver intent on giving aimless directions. There really is nowhere like Éire  read-more >

Mother’s Day Gifts

“All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That’s his”     – Oscar Wilde      

The ‘Erin’ Dress

Don O’Neill’s Fall 2015 Bridal Collection for Theia   Photo: Designed by Irish man Don O’Neill, the ‘Erin’ Dress showed in New York as part of his Fall 2015 bridal collection for Theia. Don O’Neill, who was born in Ballyheigue, Co. Kerry draws inspiration from Ireland in many of his collections. The dress incorporates the famous fisherman’s rib style/cabel pattern  read-more >